About Us

Welcome to PGA Great Brands Shop!

PGA Great Brands Shop is the e-commerce  site that Philippe Gadgets & Accessories, Inc. uses to manage online order fulfillment providing customers with a convenient, professional and secure shopping experience. 

Company Overview

Philippe Gadgets & Accessories, Inc. was founded in January 2003 focusing on the distribution of Philips Accessories and Cases. To date, Philippe Gadgets and Accessories, Inc. offers wide range of global brands such as:

  • Philips Headphones and Personal Care;
  • Targus Notebook Cases and Accessories;
  • Audio-Technica Consumer Headphones, Turntables and Microphones;
  • Euroo Accessories, Health & Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle; and
  • Sony Portable Audio

Currently, we are servicing more than 1,200 retail points nationwide in over sixty key cities and municipalities in the Philippines. Each of our team from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao bears a cohesive connection, contributing to company's success.

Our vision is to improve the Filipino consumers’ lifestyle and provide them with great buying experiences powered by our distribution and marketing of multi-global brands which have been the core of our business. We will continue to fulfill what consumers want and dream for in the future, taking one step ahead of the norm and making the first move to establish a new trend.